Season 7 ep titles:
Episode 7.01 - “Black Widower” (09-Sep-2014)
Episode 7.02 - “Toil and Till” (16-Sep-2014)
Episode 7.03 - “Playing with Monsters” (23-Sep-2014)
Episode 7.04 - “Poor Little Lambs” (30-Sep-2014)
Episode 7.05 - “Some Strange Eruption” (07-Oct-2014)
Episode 7.06 - “Smoke ‘em if You Got ‘em” (14-Oct-2014)


Comic-Con 2014: Vikings’ Katheryn Winnick and Alexander Ludwig Discuss Season 3

Charlie Hunnam’s message to Comic-Con attendees


"That low enough?"

sons of anarchy →sad and not so sad moments
↳6x13 – a mother’s work.

color memeoberyn  martell + light colors (requested by rhllors)

OBERYN MARTELL MEME;  nine quotes [2/9]

"The fifth is difficult. I named her after my sister."

Bossy Charlie ♥ (San Diego Comic Con 2014)

Vikings Name Meanings (1/?)